Guest Rule

Rev. 10-14-2014

Guest Rule

A Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club member in good standing may bring no more than two (2) guests at any one time to shoot at our facility provided the below criteria is met.

    • Guests will be limited to three (3) visits after which they must apply for membership.
    • Member must accompany the guest(s) for the duration of the visit.
    • Member will bear full responsibility for the conduct of the guest(s) while at the facility.
    • Member is responsible to brief the guest(s) on the BRCVR&G Club Range Rules prior to initiation of any live fire.
    • The BRCV Club Chief Range Safety Officer must be contacted by email  at no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the requested visitation date.  Guest information forms will be provided which must be filled out & returned to the CRSO prior to the Guest Day Pass being issued via return email.  Guest pass will be good for that day and that day only.
  • Guest Information  required as follows:
    • Guest Name, Address, Email, Telephone #, Relation to Member, Visitation Date & Members name
    • Signed Waiver Release & Covenant Not-To-Sue form
    • Note!  Should a member not have access to a computer, he/she may obtain necessary forms which are available at the Club House.  Completed forms can be handed in at any board meeting or monthly meeting or mailed to:

2178 Smith Road
PO Box 222
Sciota, PA 18354
Attn: Chief Range Officer

  1. The BRCVR&G Club Chief Range Safety Officer will maintain a log of all member guest visits in a Microsoft Excel format which will be accessible to all governing board members along with a hard copy file of signed waiver forms.
  2. This GUEST RULE was approved & adopted by the BRCV Board of Governors on October 14th, 2014.