Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club  (BRCV) is dedicated to the propagation and conservation of wildlife, to promoting the shooting sports and to providing a safe facility for our members to practice with their firearms.

Safety and proper firearms handling are of paramount importance to the BRCV. All members are required to complete the NRA basic Pistol Course and are encouraged to attend other club sanctioned training seminars and classes offered by the club.

Membership Requirements:

Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod and Gun Club Inc. offers one type of membership level and fee which is Family. The membership includes the primary club member, spouse, children and grandchildren under 18 years of age. Once a minor reaches the age of 18, they must consider joining with their own membership.

Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club membership is open to anyone who subscribes to the principals for which the club was founded, promotion and conservation of wildlife, promotion of the shooting sports and safe firearms handling.

Prospective members must complete a membership application and submit it to the club.  All membership applications will be reviewed at the regular club membership meeting, held on the last Friday of the month at 7pm in the BRCV clubhouse.

BRCV is an supporting member of the National Rifle Association and all members are required to be NRA members in good standing. New membership is contingent upon providing proof of NRA membership no later than 90 days after being accepted into the club.

Completion of the NRA Basic Pistol Course is also a requirement of membership. New members must take the course at the next available offering (not to exceed 90 days from the date of BRCV club acceptance).

Failure to provide proof of current NRA membership or to complete the NRA Basic Pistol Course will result in the loss of BRCV membership, no exceptions.

Membership Meetings:

The general membership meeting is held in the BRCV clubhouse on the last Friday of each month at 7pm.

The Board of Governors meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the BRCV clubhouse at 7pm


Full payment of dues is required at the time of application.  In addition to the regular dues, a member is required to pay a one time fee. (Initiation fee is non-refundable).

After your payment is submitted you will be directed to a payment confirmation screen on PayPay.

You must click on the “Return to Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club link (see illustration below) to complete your registration.


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