Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod and Gun Club Inc. (BRCV) was established in 1874, making it the oldest continuously operating club of it’s type in the nation. BRCV is dedicated to the propagation and conservation of wildlife and to promoting the shooting sports.

We are located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania.


June 24, 2018


To:  All Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Members

Apparently all BRCV club members must be reminded, once again.  When you are setting up targets on the Rifle or Pistol ranges, the target stands and targets MUST be set to a proper height so that all of your fired bullets that travel through your target MUST impact the backstop behind your target.  Your bullets “must not” impact the ground before the backstop.  Skipping a round down range is against the clubs standing rules and will not be tolerated.

Anyone found violating this rule will be asked to stop shooting immediately and will be summoned to a meeting with the Board of Governors to explain their actions.

Recent range inspections have found numerous infractions of this rule and it must stop.  If you witness a club member causing this type of damage to our range please take action.  If you don’t feel comfortable confronting an offender, just get a key card number or vehicle license number and report it to a board member.

Thank you,

The Board of Governors

Membership Information
Anyone interested in applying for membership with the Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod and Gun Club Inc. must attend a monthly member meeting along with their sponsor.  Meetings are held on the last Friday of each month unless otherwise announced.

You must arrive at the clubhouse before 6pm to attend a Safety Briefing that starts at 6pm.  Our Chief Range Safety Officer conducts safety Briefings.  The briefing goes over what is expected of you as a member of BRCV.
Prior to submitting their membership application, each applicant will be provided a checklist of information covered at the initial safety briefing for their signature of understanding along with a copy of the club’s Rules and Regulations also for their signature of understanding.  These signed documents will be retained by the club Chief Range Safety Officer and a copy will be provided to each applicant for their own safekeeping.
After the briefing, membership candidates can submit their application to our Membership Recruiter.  Applicants are presented to club members present for an up or down vote.  On acceptance, Payment of dues, onetime initiation fee and cost of the primary member’s basic pistol course is made to the Membership Recruiter.   After the conclusion of the general membership meeting new members will be given their member/gate card.
BRCV R & G Club Inc. is a supporting member of the National Rifle Association.  We are a 100% NRA member club. We require that All members maintain their membership in the NRA for the duration of club membership. 

Failure to maintain membership in the NRA will void your club membership, which will remain so until proof of NRA membership is received.

In addition, BRCV R & G Club Inc. Safety Program requires that each new member successfully complete the club required NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course or proof of prior completion and contingent upon club verification and allowance of prior course as satisfactory compliance.  This course is offered by the club at a member-reduced rate. This course must be taken at the next available offering (not to exceed 90 days from the date of BRCV club acceptance).

Failure to provide proof of current NRA membership or to complete the NRA Basic Pistol Course will result in the loss of BRCV membership, no exceptions.

NRA has awarded BRCV Gold Medal status for 2018