BRCV Recognized as an NRA Gold Medal Club

The Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod and Gun club has done it again. For the fourth year in a row the NRA has awarded us Gold Medal Club status.

To qualify as a Gold medal club the following requirements must be met:

  • Be a 100% NRA Club
  • Have a Club Newsletter
  • Belong to the NRA State Association in your state
  • Have administered or currently incorporate a NRA Youth Program into your club agenda
  • Be an active participant in the NRA Membership Recruiting Program

I’m happy to report that our club meets and often exceeds the aforementioned requirements.

Congratulation to our members who have generously given their time and support to the club and to our Board of Directors who work tirelessly to make BRCV the outstanding club that it is!

The NRA is sending a 2015 plate to update the gold medal plaque in the clubhouse. Below a copy of the letter sent to us by the NRA:

NRA Gold Medal Club letter