Rim Fire Challenge,Nov 3rd…

Rim Fire Challenge, Nov 3rd

Rim Fire Challenge:

Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association 2018

The Rimfire Challenge Event is a program of The National Rimfire Challenge Association.

  • The program was developed with safety in mind.
  • The program introduces participants to the fun and excitement of competitive shooting in a safe, low-pressure, family-friendly format.
  • New, novice and experienced shooters are welcome to compete.
  • Shooter compete using a rifle & handgun from any manufacture in .22 Long Rifle caliber.
  • There will be a mandatory one-half hour safety briefing before range time.
  • Anyone not attending the safety briefing forfeits his or her participation in the event.
This season’s remaining matches will be held on:


Arrival & Cost:
  1. Arrive by 10:00am and sign-in: CASH Only
  2. If you help set up the stages, your discounted cost will be $10.00 cash
  3. Those not helping to set up will be charge the normal amount of $20.00 cash.
  4. Lunch is included in your match fee.
Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club, 2178 Smith Rd, Sciota, PA, 18354
To Register:

Interested in one or all of the matches, complete the Registration Form and email to:
Jim Meola, vp@brcv-rodgun.org or come on the date of the match and register then.


For an overview of the “Rimfire Challenge” program, visit www.rimfirechallenge.org
If you have have any further questions, please contact Jim Meola.


You Will Need To Bring:
  1. Eye Protection
  2. Electronic Hearing Protection (a MUST)
  3. Firearm – .22 Long Rifle caliber (Your firearm must remain properly stored until a BRCV Range Safety Office clears the firearm for use.) (Both Rifle & Handgun)
  4. Ammo – .22 Long Rifle caliber – a minimum of 300 rounds